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Festival do Vale do Café

Garden concerts, processions, lectures and exhibitions highlight this important event

Paula Kossatz

Squares, churches and historical plantations – genuine manor houses embedded in the Atlantic Coast Rainforest – feature in the Vale do Café Festival. Since 2003, this event has been held annually in the region in July. The brainchild of harpist Cristina Braga and musician Turíbio Santos, the project aims to salvage local cultural roots and recognition of the region’s historical heritage.

In addition to attracting over 600,000 people in the course of the nine editions held over the years, thereby activating the regional economy, the Vale do Café Festival has vigorously salvaged its immaterial heritage by exhibiting local cultural expressions, and discloses its historical and architectural heritage in the many municipalities located in the Rio de Janeiro portion of the Paraíba River valley.

During this event, concerts are held in rural properties, for which a meticulous musical selection is prepared, attracting the general public to the region’s 14 historical plantations, as well as shows in public squares, processions and local folk traditions, performances by symphonic bands, soirees, serenades, jongo, capoeira, caninha verde and other expressions.

Moreover the municipalities involved sponsor music courses for scholarship students from the entire country, who are given the opportunity to refine their artistic talents with renowned teachers of different musical instruments, from piano to singing, including clarinet, saxophone, cello and others.

In February 2010, the Vale do Café Festival was awarded the prize Prêmio de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, sponsored by Secretaria de Estado de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro, in the Entrepreneurship class. This award resulted from the consolidation of three prizes – Golfinho de Ouro, Está¬cio de Sá and Governo do Rio de Janeiro.


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