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Festival deTeatro das Agulhas Negras

Theater performances from all over Brazil bring out the population to the region’s streets

Festan is an annual event that arose in 2009 with the aim of bringing theater performances out to the streets in the four Rio de Janeiro municipalities in the Agulhas Negras area: Quatis, Resende, Porto Real and Itatiaia. During the event, the local population can attend a number of performances by theater companies from different parts of the country. These are held free of charge in the towns’ streets, squares and schools and are intended for children as well as for adults.

According to the festival’s creator José Leon Zylberstajn, selecting participants is based on quality of the staging and on each group’s track record. Styles such as comedies and musicals were in the past a part of the shows. The organizers asserted that despite performances being outdoors, the audience enjoys a comfortable structure.

Besides bringing entertainment to the region, the Agulhas Negras Theater Festival proposes to create employment. Local labor is retained and partnerships are agreed on with the region’s restaurants and hotels, to host theater companies and audience. “The festival’s major theme is moving the local economy” explained executive producer Francis Miszputen.

The Agulhas Negras Theater Festival – Festan is a project by Instituto Cultural Cidade Viva (ICCV) and the Quatis town hall, sponsored by MAN Latin America and supported by the town halls of Itatiaia, Porto Real and Resende.


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