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Café, Cachaça & Chorinho

A good opportunity to enjoy the region’s typical cuisine and music

The Café, Cachaça e Chorinho circuit held in the Autumn was created in 2001 by a group of the Vale do Café region’s businessmen, intent on attracting more visitors to the Rio de Janeiro portion of the Paraíba River valley. The event entails participation by the municipalities below: Barra Mansa, Barra do Piraí, Piraí, Vassouras, Valença, Miguel Pereira, Paty do Alferes, Mendes and Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin. The organizers expect to increase the region’s participant municipalities in the future.

The circuit always takes place close to April 23, the national chorinho day. The idea is that each municipality should organize its own program, with stress on cuisine and local musical performances, seeking to disclose the local culture’s most representative features.

Organizer Ana Lúcia Furtado explained that for the annual event to materialize, concerted actions are required by the secretaries of culture of all the municipalities involved. A magazine is edited and each sponsoring company is given a kit of goods with the event’s visual identity.

Furtado asserted that she organizes cookery and ballroom dancing lessons in the guesthouse that she manages, in addition to feijoada and chorinho during the circuit. She explained that the event arose from efforts to attract tourists to the region during the off-season, evidencing that local cultural wealth is timeless and rich, regardless of the time of year and seasonal changes.


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